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We live in a society constantly in search of the best plans and cheapest deals. That’s why we spend our time comparing what’s around us. And yes, think about it: for the flights, one goes mainly on comparators such as  Good Finance. For hotels, it will be more about Good Hotel. Looking for a used car, we will go to different sites to compare offers. And the list of examples is long.

The same goes for financial products, a very complex subject for which it is not always easy to find clear, detailed and precise information. How to choose a credit card? What loan to promote for a well-defined project? How to open an online bank account? Is it possible to easily switch banks?

Well beyond the comparison


Good Finance is a financial comparison platform on which you can compare the different products mentioned above on the Belgian market. We make it easy and fast for you. Thus, on our different pages, you simply need to play with the different criteria of the table:

  • Credit cards : type of cards and banks
  • Loans : loan amount, repayment term and banks
  • Current accounts : annual fee and interest rate
  • Savings accounts : type of account (regulated, unregulated, savings plan)
  • Term Accounts : Term and Banks
  • Branch 21 products : to be refined by yield, minimum guaranteed rate or entry fees

Here are Good Finance’s current products. However, as the company grows rapidly, more products will follow soon. Stay alert!

A management expe rhyme ed

Our advices

The group’s Belgian, European and worldwide management teams are rich in various experiences and have a strong experience in financial services and online marketing.

Our advices


This is where Good Finance comes in! Our goal is to help you identify the thorny topic of personal finance so that you make the best decisions based on your needs, plans, desires and, more specifically, your portfolio and financial situation. Thus, you will find on our blog a whole range of articles on credit cards, loans, savings accounts, current accounts and term accounts. Discover also our:

  • Our guides , whether on loans or credit cards
  • Our articles , whether on loans or credit cards

So you have no doubt about the expertise of our team and our willingness to help you better understand and manage your finances! ” We compare, you save “.