Is There Impossible Home Loan Banks?

Is there any impossible home loan banks, non-resident home loans and banks that give impossible homes to provide information about the continuation of our article.

One of the procedures that are performed immediately after the construction is completed is to obtain a Settlement Certificate, that is to obtain a residence permit for the house. No municipal license is issued for houses or commercial areas that do not receive a settlement certificate.

At the same time, electricity water subscription is not given to the houses without housing and is used as construction site electricity. So is it impossible to take home loans? Is the application for resettlement made a loan home?

Impossible Home Lending Banks

Impossible Home Lending Banks

Getting a house for a house means that the house is complete with many features from head to toe. Many factors, from the apartment’s space to the elevator shaft, from the façade to the wall thickness of the house, are among the conditions required for the house to be resettled. Another name of the settlement document is the permission to use the building. If you want to take credit for home without a residence permit, you can read the rest of our article.

Giving loans to non- resident houses has become one of the subjects that attracted the attention of many citizens. Therefore, we have prepared an informative article on this subject.

What is Settlement, What is Building Permit?

What is Settlement, What is Building Permit?

Before we start writing, let us tell you what the settlement is for those who do not know. The resettlement document is a document stating that the construction of a structure has been completed as approved and that the residence can now be legally held. These documents are issued by the zoning units of the municipalities.

The fact that this document has not been received poses the risk of the impossible house. Impossible homes are known to carry risks that will cause loss of life and property in the first place. At the beginning of these risks and undesired situations, services such as electricity, water and sewerage are not used and as a result of this, the use of construction site electricity and the use of a common meter is the first. Damage to electrical appliances due to the use of construction site electricity can cause large fires. Although the bill is distributed with the use of a common meter, it complains that fair payment is not made.

In addition to the risks, there are damages from getting impossible houses. One of these is that we can make fundamental changes in our country at any time with laws and regulations. When a law, such as the prohibition on selling improper houses for impossible houses, comes into question, homeowners may be seriously harmful.

When our advice is to find a non-resident dwelling, find out why the dwelling isn’t dwelling and take steps to get a dwelling on behalf of the dwelling. Keep in mind that this document is also a residence permit and learn about the amounts due to obtaining a settlement certificate. Please note that you will have to pay a much higher amount with the penalty if it is later required by law.

Impossible Houses Is Credit?

Good news for non- residential buildings because a house is not suitable for housing, but can be eligible for credit. If you do not have any other mortgages to be mortgaged, up to 75 percent of the total value of the mortgage can be granted. The amount of this loan varies depending on the person’s income level.

So, in spite of the risks, will it still be impossible to get home loans in 2019? Here the answer varies from bank to bank. One bank does not accept the demand for a loan to the impossible home, while another bank can accept it. Since there is no legal regulation on this issue, the decision-making authority is the bank. If a house is not resettled, but if the bank thinks that there is no obstacle for the resettlement in the future, it can only give loans to non-resettled houses by providing the condition that it is a floor easement deed. However, most banks do not want to give a home loan to a house that does not have a residence permit because it considers risky. From the buyer’s side, it is clear that those who are selective will not want to buy apartments without a residence permit. If you still want to use a loan for non-resettlement apartment, your credit rating is high, easy to apply to a bank that gives credit, you have registered assets, you have made your payments regularly, the document can prove that you have a high amount of income factors such as your chances of getting credit will increase. .

Banks Lending to Impossible Homes 2019

Banks Lending to Impossible Homes 2019

In 2019, there were also banks lending to impossible homes. Banks can serve customers with special interest rates thanks to their campaigns. If you want to take credit for the impossible home you can choose the banks below. However, opting for banks that you have worked with previously and have active customers will increase the chances of the loan being approved.

We recommend using the banks’ own official addresses for the current monitoring of interest rates. Our interest rates may vary during one-to-one meetings with the bank, as well as customer-specific interest rate offers. In general, we can say that you can use credit to impossible homes.