Month: May 2019

Couple’s Money

In a couple, money is often a source of tension and conflict. What explains that one is frugal and the other spender? Portrait of a couple comparable to the cicada and the ant. ABC, 46, of insecure temperament, works hard to earn her precious security. At the age of 25, she had the habit of
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Is There Impossible Home Loan Banks?

Is there any impossible home loan banks, non-resident home loans and banks that give impossible homes to provide information about the continuation of our article. One of the procedures that are performed immediately after the construction is completed is to obtain a Settlement Certificate, that is to obtain a residence permit for the house. No
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Build up for your pension

In the Netherlands, the pension consists of three parts:  pension from your employer and accrued pension yourself. Everyone is entitled to an pension benefit after reaching retirement age. The other two forms of pension are not compulsory. But when do you actually accrue pension? From when do you build up for your pension Everyone who
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